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Soviet Antiquity

from August 28, 2018 through October 14, 2018

From August 28, 2018 “Na Shabolovke” Gallery (part of the “Moscow City Galleries” network) is presenting the exhibition “Soviet Antiquity” curated by Alexandra Selivanova and Nadia Plungian. Being a logical sequel to “Surrealism in the Bolsheviks’ Country” held in the Gallery last year, this project continues the line by examining Soviet art of the pre-war period (1930s).

It looks into the attempts of Soviet artists and architects of the 1930s to create what we now could call “new classics”, which they found at the intersections of formal analytical avant-garde methods and new sensibility, delicate Pompeian frescoes and monumental Roman architecture, De Chirico’s metaphysics and Soviet robust reality. As Soviet architect Michael Mazmanian said to his Italian colleagues in 1937, “No matter that the Acropolis is on your territory, it is we who are its true heirs.”

14 Ефимов И.С. Акробатка с шаром. 1927.

V. Efimov "Girl with a ball", 1927


Although Soviet artists strongly believed that their ways were unique, from today’s perspective, after revealing their hidden links with Art Deco, metaphysical art, and “monumental order” in Italy, France, and USA, we can place them in a wide context of international visual and performing arts they belong to.

The exhibition draws together a variety of artworks from private collections, the MARKhI Museum, and the “Galeev Gallery” collection. It highlights paintings and drawings by the members of The Society of Easel Artists (OST), Alexander Shevchenko, Konstantin Rozhdestvensky, Vera Ermolaeva, Meer Aizenstadt, Alexei Pakhomov, Alexander Samokhvalov, Fedor Platov, Georgy Rublev; architectural drafts by Boris Iofan, Ilya Golosov, Boris Barkhin, and some never before displayed diploma projects by the 1930s students of Architectural Institute.

Velikanov Yu.P. From the series "Children's Village". 1933.

КП 31_19.jpg

Graduation project from the collection of the Museum of the Moscow Architectural Institute

Стамо Е.Н. Музей Мировой Революции в Мос

Stamo E.N. Museum of World Revolution in Moscow. 1936.

Curators: Alexandra Selivanova, Nadia Plungian




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