Werner Blaser (ed.) Tadao Ando. Architecture of Silence: Naoshima Contemporary Art Museum / Тадао Андо. Архитектура тишины. – Basel, Switzerland: Birkhauser Verlag AG, 2001.


In the years 1988-1995 the Japanese architect Tadao Ando built a museum complex complete with a hotel, restaurant and seminar rooms on the island Naoshima (Kagawa). Constructed out of concrete, its platforms and walls extend far out into the landscape, framing the natural surroundings as a picture. Ando's customary restraint in his selection of materials, and his preference for simple forms which allow the serenity of the surrounding land and seascape to penetrate the rooms are much in evidence in this masterpiece. In this book, Werner Blaser has successfully captured the essence of tranquility so characteristic of Ando's architecture. His photographs are of an extraordinarily beautiful and reflective intensity. Also included is an introductory essay, drawing comparisons to Ando's other buildings which all succeed in combining nature and geometry

Tadao Ando. Architecture of Silence

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