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Where vegetables gardens, almshouses and wooden barracks once stood in the Shabolovka district, in the 1920s-1930s a model constructivist neighborhood emerged and was shown off with pride to foreign visitors. Today it is a conservation area of the avant-garde and of early Soviet architectural and urban life utopia.

The area’s axis and starting point was the Shukhov Tower – the Comintern radio tower (1919 – 1922). This was the first symbolically significant construction built by the Soviet government: Vladimir Shukhov’s engineering work was to be higher than the Eiffel Tower and was to broadcast the new state’s messages throughout the world. Around the tower, and oriented towards it, new working class neighborhoods began to emerge. The most famous of which is the Khavsko-Shabolovskiy housing estate, developed by ASNOVA – Association of New Architects. The new neighborhood of diagonally arranged, red and white volumes, became an example of avant-garde urban planning. Close by, directly along the Shukhov Tower’s axis appeared the first communal house in the country – the “1st Zamoskovoretskiy Association” housing cooperative. At the end of the 1920s, another experimental building was built nearby – a communal house and dormitory for students of the Textile Institute (1929 – 1930), conceived by Ivan Nikolaev as a conveyor system with complete communalization of everyday life for 2000 students. The airplane-shaped building with ribbon windows became a symbol of the Soviet architectural avant-garde and is known all around the world. Located just a short distance away from the Shukhov Tower is an exemplary giant school with an observatory, a theater hall, and workshops (1935), the elegant Mostorg department store in the art deco style (1929 – 1936), the first crematorium in Moscow (1927), and the Academy of Sciences maternity clinic.

This district presented in a concentrated area an ideal model of the new Soviet life – from birth until death. It is precisely in this status – as a museum of Soviet architecture and daily life in the era of the avant-garde – that it should be preserved. The Avant-Garde Museum in Shabolovka has been created by the efforts of the Avant-Garde Center and residents of the Danilovsky and Donskoy districts, and realized thanks to the City of the Future grant program.

The 7 main sites of this district are presented in the museum: Shukhov Tower, Communal House, Mostorg, Textile Institute Dormitory, School on Drovyanaya Square, Khavsko-Shabolovksiy Housing Estate, Crematorium.


Other buildings, places, and personal histories of residents in the Shabolovka district are in the open storage wall of the museum, whose displays will be constantly filled with new subject matter and exhibition items.


Partners: The Museum of Moscow Museum Association, Shukhov Tower Foundation, Shukhov-LAB, The Constructivist Project

Sponsor: Garant Center for Social Technologies with the support of Citi Foundation and Gladway Foundation for Media Projects and Social Programs

Design: Alexandra Selivanova, Irina Goryacheva

Installation: Anton Ketov, Ilya Malcow, Dmitry Chizhkov, Kirill Voronov

Interview: Daria Rud, Elena Chernets

Texts: Alexandra Selivanova, Anna Borunova, Ilya Malcow

Translation: Natalia Melikova

Special thanks for helping to create the museum goes to: Tatyana Zaitseva, Yana Safronova, Anton Ketov, Anna Borunova, Elena Perfilova, Daria Sorokina, Natalia Melikova, Irina Kotyukova, Natalia Polshchikova, Olga Gerasimova, Sergei Kharlamov, Ivan Savchenko, Arkady Shatokhin, Rodion Ermeev, Olga Velchinskaya, Alexey Petukhov, Vladimir Vainer, Marina Mikhailova, Maxim Mironenko




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