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Sailing Directions. An exhibition by Eugeny Strelkov

from February 15, 2019 through 14 April, 2019

Exhibition “Sailing directions” will be opened on February 14, 2019 in the gallery “Shabolovka” of “Moscow City Galleries” Network. This is an exhibition of artist, designer and poet Evgeny Strelkov. The three-part exposition will present the artist's books, land-art and media-art-projects.

The synthesis of science and art is an actual topic for the gallery and the Avant–garde Museum, located at the foot of the Shukhov radio tower. This topic is important for the artist Evgeny Strelkov too. He acts as a Navigator and naturalist: meteorologist, entomologist, systematics, genetics. The subject of his research is often unusual for the natural sciences: factory smokes or harbor cranes, half-timbered patterns or silhouettes of fishermen. Or unusual method with which the artist refers to the classical objects of science – the banks of rivers or nuclear reactions.

The exhibition consists of three layers. Upper is the documentation of the artist’s land-art projects, his attempts to describe the essence of the place through work with snow, wood, cloth, chalk, coal dust and ash. The middle layer is the author’s hand-made and printed limited books related to space and memory. Thin layer is a media layer: voiced tables and maps, animated videos, films and photo chronicle.


Eugeny Strelkov with his artwork

1. Рыба! Волжское застолье, 2005 .jpg

"Fish and The Volga Tableful" project, 2005

The variety of formats corresponds to a wide thematic range: from the interpretation of folk art to the visualization of literary classics, from quasi-scientific studies to board games, from poetic dreams to political pamphlet. All together, - as Khlebnikov said, “superstory… from separate passages, each with its own special god, special faith, and special charter”.

Evgeny Strelkov (1963) – artist, designer, animation director, museum designer, poet. Graduated from the faculty of radiophysics, popularizer of science, curator of exhibitions on the history of media and the Volga regional studies.

Curators: Eugeny Strelkov, Alexandra Selivanova

Participants: Nizhny Novgorod Studio “Dirigible”, Polytechnic Museum, Research and Production Enterprise “GIKOM”.




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