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Meyer Eisenstadt. To synthesis of 1930-s

from December 26, 2018 through 03 February, 2019

From December 26, 2018 “Na Shabolovke Gallery” (part of the “Moscow City Galleries” network) is presenting an exhibition called “Meyer Eisenstadt. To synthesis of 1930-s”. There will being represented an artworks of one of most paradoxical and unusual soviet artists of early 1930-s.

Eisendtadt was studied in Minsk with Yakov Kruger, then – in VKHUTEMAS with Josef Chaikov and Vera Mukhina. In spite of this, his sculptures and graphic works is out of frames of any schools, styles and till now they can't be univocally interpreted. With his searching of synthesis of sculpture and architecture, of modernism and classical art he was the one who were outstripped discussions of middle 1930-s and first postmodern plastic experiences of 1970-1980-s. 

There is just a few works were saved – lots of his art were destroyed by himself, others were being lost. But even this remainders is formed as a solid finished plastic world, ironic and strange, inhabited by characters of his own mythology which are balancing between the industrial reality of late 1920-s and antique gothics and the Nothern Renaissance's artforms.

Меер Айзенштадт.jpg

Meyer Eisenstadt. 


Most of artworks were provided by the heirs of the sculpturer and them are being exhibited for the first time. Here is collected gypsum, marble and bronze sculptures, graphic works, photographies of unsaved ones, and also his letters and papers.

Artist's studio.

Curator: Alexandra Selivanova

Participants: The Yaroslavl Art Museum, The State Museum for A.S.Pushkin, Literary And Art Museum for Marina and Anastasia Tsvetaeva.




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