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Gastev. How to work

from September 4, 2019 through 24 November, 2019

The exhibition “Gastev. How to work” will be opened on September 3 in the gallery “Na Shabolovke” of Moscow City Galleries Network. It is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the Alexei Gastev’s death, who was the poet, researcher, revolutionary, scientist, organizer of the Central Institute of labor and founder of the SOL system (scientific organization of labor) in the USSR.

The exhibition-research continues the series of projects of the gallery “Na Shabolovke” revealing little-known but significant episodes in the history of Russian culture of the XX century. Despite the wide popularity of Gastev’s experiments and theory around the world, there are no books dedicated to him in Russian, and there are still many blank spots in his biography.

For the first time the exhibition will present Gastev in various roles - as a theorist, writer, journalist, politician and founder of the CIL (Central Institute of Labor). Project curator Alexandra Selivanova assembled an interdisciplinary working group of the project, which includes historians, art historians, literary critics, and sociologists. The scientific consultants were the poet and translator Alexei Tkachenko-Gastev, the great-grandson of A.K. Gastev, and Gastev biography researcher, historian Alexandra Kulaeva.


Alexey Gastev


Gastev's cyclogram

A significant section of the exhibition is devoted to the activities of the Central Institute of Labor, its creators and laboratories, including psychotechnical and biomechanical research, a Projection theatre of S. Nikritin, film and photo laboratory, etc. In addition to archival documents and photographs from the family collection, the CIL will be represented by reconstructed “installations” and “machines” - experimental instruments and simulators from the Institute’s laboratories. The method of presenting the material will refer to the principles of scientific organization of labor (SOL) and A. Gastev’s methodical manuals. By analogy with the educational museums of the 1920’s, the exposition will allow visitors to work independently with the archive and publications.

Tickets: 200 RUB  / 100 RUB (discount)​

Curator: Alexandra Selivanova, PhD in architecture, the head of Avant-garde Center in Shabolovka.




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