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Gastev. How to work

The project is devoted to the Alexey Gastev, who was the poet, researcher, revolutionary, scientist, organizer of the Central Institute of labor and founder of the SOL system (scientific organization of labor) in the USSR.

from September 4, 2019 through 24 November, 2019


Kolomna constructivism

The project is devoted to the constructivist architecture of Colomna, ruined or not. 

from July 19, 2019 through 18 August, 2019

Гостиница Исеть, 3-я Уральская биеннале.

TABU: Territory of Avant-garde. The Big Ural

The project is devoted to the architecture heritage of cities of former Ural region like Sverdlovsk, Chelyabinsk, Perm, Krasnokamsk and Nizhniy Tagil. 

from july 10, 2019 through 18 August, 2019

To the Left of Leftism. The Georgian Avant-garde in the Book Design

The project is devoted to the avant-garde books published in Tbilisi in the 1920s. The experiments in typography, dadaist and constructivist ideas, disputes about the ideological identity of Niko Pirosmani, remote participation of Rodchenko and Mayakovsky – all of that shines through contemporary book culture and reveals that Tbilisi was one of the most important centers of the early Soviet art.

from April 23, 2019 through 30 June, 2019

Sailing Directions. An exhibition by Eugeny Strelkov

This is an exhibition of artist, designer and poet Evgeny Strelkov. The three-part exposition will present the artist's books, land-art and media-art-projects.

from February 15, 2019 through 14 April, 2019

Meyer Eisenstadt. To synthesis of 1930-s

This is second personal exhibition of Meer Eisenstadt, whose sculptires and graphic works still undeservedly remains unnoticed and insufficiently explored .

from December 26, 2018 through 03 February, 2019


This is an exhibition called “IZOSTAT”, which is an abbreviation for All-Union Institute of Pictorial Statistics. Its brief decade-long (1931-1940) history is the topic for a display for the first time ever.

from October 24, 2018 through 16 December, 2018

Soviet Antiquity

Exhibition curated by Alexandra Selivanova and Nadia Plungian. This is the desire to show 1930s Soviet artists and architects seeking to develop a kind of “new classics” at the intersection of formal, analytical avant-garde methods and new sensibility.

from August 28, 2018 through October 14, 2018

Mayakovsky. Universal answer to questioner

To the 125th anniversary V.V. Maykovky gallery  «Na Shabolovke» An association «Exhibition halls in Moscow» and State Museum of the History of Russian Literature named after V.I. Dal represent a research project  is devoted to the poet's communication with his audience and his perception of his contemporaries - a wide range of Soviet readers of the 1920s.

from April 24, 2018 through August 12, 2018




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